Shrine of Baha'u'llah gardens 1

one more light-seen breakfast

one more mid-day lunch

excited by the pre-dawn feast

planning evening treats to munch


one more day of normal feeling

one more energy-filled afternoon

dreading that spacey, hungry dealing

sunset never comes too soon.


19 days of passionate yearning

not for food or drink, though missed

19 days of sun-rise clinging

to the hem of the robe I’ve kissed


19 days of overcoming passions

letting my attention rest on higher things

19 days of light-filled focus

and 19 tired, full, peaceful evenings.


to me, the Fast is a daily struggle

steeling mind and letting go

small part of a world-wide spiritual offering

yet my own judge, my own strength, my own hope.


One-by-one, each 12 hour question,

learning to breathe in transformed places

as I walk, well stumble slowly onwards,

challenged by but loving these 19 paces.


Fleur Missaghian, March 1st 2013